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IV Good Life was inspired by co-founder Dorsey Fuller’s desire to provide the best for his son, Dorsey IV (“IV”). Dorsey was so overwhelmed with love when his son IV was born that he wanted to wrap him up, hold him tight, and protect him from the world. However, that’s not always possible. When IV developed a negative reaction to baby formula, Dorsey realized that some baby products contain unnatural ingredients. Determined to provide the best lifestyle not only for his son but for other people’s families, Dorsey spent the next two years working hard, studying diligently, and enlisting the help of highly experienced and qualified experts to develop products that protect people’s health and well being. After Dorsey enlisted the expertise of partner, former college roommate, and fellow father, Vaughn Gill, IV Good Life was born.


Our mission is to provide the best products with the finest plant-based ingredients that protect the health and well-being of our customers and their families. Because this is a continuous process, we promise to evolve with advancements in technology and education to stay on the cutting edge and constantly improve. We strive to provide quality products for the good life of all our customers. When you see “IV Good Life” on our products, you will be reminded of our intention.


With the current circumstances we face as a global community, there is a need to practice the best hygiene for the foreseeable future and to use the best quality products. We begin to fulfill that need by launching our first product, the Super Hand Sanitizer. With increased focus on cleansing the hands, the skin can take a beating. Our sanitizer contains a unique blend of five essential oils that together not only soothe and moisturize the skin but have also historically been used as natural sanitizers to kill bacteria, thanks to its microbial, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. This product breathes the mantra “IV Good Life.


Community, family, health, well being, quality, love, and good life are our core values. We seek those qualities in all of our partners in order to deliver satisfaction to our customers, who embody the same qualities. Our partnerships bring you the finest products. One of our primary suppliers a manufacturer, advisor, mentor, and friend is an 80-year-old entrepreneur who started a small business 50 years ago and has since become a pillar of the community. It is his and our other partners’ expertise that will allow IV Good Life to bring the good life to good people for years to come. 



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